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Proposed Federal “Distance Learning” Rules Help Big Tech Shut Down Brick-and-Mortar Public Schools, Replace Human Teachers with AI

The DeVos Department of Education’s new “Proposed Rules” for federal regulations of “Distance Education and Innovation” (85 FR 18638) will effectively open the floodgates for online education corporations to put public brick-and-mortar schools out of business by streamlining “adaptive-learning and other artificial intelligence” technologies that replace “human instructors” with “competency-based education (CBE)” software which provide “direct assessment” through “subscription-based” courseware that data-mine students’ cognitive-behavioral algorithms to “personalize” digital lessons.

What Is Computerized CBE? No More Classrooms, No More “Credit Hours”:

As I have documented in several articles, “CBE” is a euphemism for educational methods that deploy ...

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Telomeres: Can They Reduce Aging and Improve Longevity?

I’ve talked about aging on the podcast and how we have some control over how it ultimately goes down. But today I want to talk about telomeres and how they affect aging. Telomeres are an interesting piece of the aging puzzle that shows we have more control over our age (biologically at least!) than we thought.

What Are Telomeres?

If you think back to high school biology class you may remember that our genetic material is arranged on a twisted “ladder” of DNA called chromosomes (or a DNA strand). At the end of each chromosome is a little bit of DNA that protects the genetic data and makes it possible for cell division. These telomeres act like caps on the end of the chromosome. The caps are often compared to the tips of the shoelaces...

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Zesty Hariyali Chicken Tikka Recipe

indian grilled chicken recipe

My family really enjoys the flavors of Indian food. We made coconut curry chicken in the Instant Pot several times over the winter, but this summer we tried some grilled Indian dishes. This hariyali chicken tikka recipe is one we loved and made again and again.

What Is Hariyali Chicken Tikka?

As far as I can tell, the word hariyali has to do with the color green and tikka refers to chunks of meat marinated in a spice mixture. Both descriptors certainly fit this dish.

Really… Green Chicken?

Yup, green chicken. But trust me, this green chicken is good for you!

I use a large quantity of cilantro and mint to make the marinade for the chicken. Even after cooking the chicken, it’s still a nice bright green color, which the kids think is pretty cool...

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How early can you — and should you — diagnose autism?

Autism is common. According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 out of every 59 children has been diagnosed with autism. That’s a marked rise from 2000, when only 1 in 150 children had been diagnosed with autism.

There is a lot we don’t know about autism, such as exactly what causes it or why it is becoming more common. But one thing we do know is that the earlier we start treating it, the better. Communication and social skills are built very early. We have our best chance of improving things if we work within that natural window. That’s why there has been a steady push toward making the diagnosis as early as possible.

It is not easy for parents to hear that their child has, or might have, autism...

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City Parks Are a Mood Booster

Living in the city can be hard on the senses and the spirit, but spending some time in a tree-lined city parks could counteract that stress, new research suggests.”Over a three-month period, we collected tweets from 4,688 Twitter users before, during and after they posted from the park,” explained study author Aaron Schwartz. He’s a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Vermont’s school of environment and natural resources and the Gund Institute for Environment.All of the 160 parks that were visited in the study were located in the city of San Francisco.About 100,000 tweets were analyzed by a hedonometer, a kind of online happiness dictionary that ranks words according to their happiness content...

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Rising temperatures? How to avoid heat-related illnesses and deaths

Bottleless Water Coolers

In Boston, we believe warmer is better. Our cravings for warmth are formed in the cold, dark winter nights when the prospect of summer seems impossibly remote. But with temperatures reaching 100°F in July, our winter dreams are becoming a nightmare. And it’s not just Boston. More than half of all Americans endured unsafe heat conditions during July, which was the hottest July ever recorded in US history, according to the Washington Post. Europe fared no better; sweltering temperatures broke records in more than a dozen countries in June (this was the hottest June ever in Europe) and July. Not surprisingly, heat-related illnesses and deaths of people at greater risk from high temperatures rose, too.

What is heat-related illness?

Our ability to cool off has limits...

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How to Make Natural Disinfecting Wipes for Home Cleaning

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How to Make Natural Disinfecting Wipes for Home Cleaning

Those ready-made disinfecting wipes in the plastic containers can be so convenient for sanitizing and eliminating messes. Our family doesn’t use toxic conventional cleaners, and with a large family the cost of natural store-bought cleaners adds up fast. These natural disinfecting wipes are super simple to throw together and are a safe, effective solution to clean surfaces around the home.

Disinfecting Wipes With Essential Oils

Many of my cleaning products (and beauty products) contain essential oils. When used properly, they can be potent germ killers that are still safe to use around little ones. According to my research, all essential oils are antimicrobial to some degree, but lemon and tea tree are particularly effective...

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Garlic Roasted Romanesco

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I don’t know about you, but I love roasted veggies. A drizzle of oil, some seasoning, and a roast in the oven just seems to bring out so much flavor! I’ve made a roasted vegetable salad, roasted beet and arugula salad, and even roasted cabbage slices. This recipe for garlic roasted romanesco is so simple to make and definitely another winner.

What Is Romanesco?

Romanesco is sometimes called romanesco broccoli or Roman cauliflower. It’s is the coolest and most bizarre-looking vegetable that I’ve ever seen. It’s a bright green color but has the texture of cauliflower, with buds arranged in spiraling spikes. The crazy look of it alone will probably convince most kids to try it!

The taste is also similar to cauliflower but a bit milder...

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Want a sharp mind, strong memory? Ramp up activities

We all want to keep our minds sharp and our memories strong as we get older. So, what can we do right now to prevent cognitive decline in later years? Engaging in regular aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, probably has the biggest effect on people of many ages. Convincing evidence also suggests that a Mediterranean-style diet of fish, olive oil, avocados, fruits,vegetables,  nuts, beans, and whole grains is beneficial. But what about social and mental activities — do they help at all?

Social activities, a positive attitude, and learning new things

Previous research convincingly demonstrates that older people who engage in social activities, have a positive mental attitude, and work to learn new things maintain their cognitive abilities longer than tho...

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What should you do if your blood pressure medication has been recalled?

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Over the past several months, you may have heard that the FDA has recalled certain lots of angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) medications due to the presence of impurities.

These contaminants — nitrosamine impurities — may occur as a byproduct of the manufacturing process. They include N-Nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) and N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which can potentially cause cancer. These potentially cause cancer are found in the environment as well in meats, dairy products, and water, but their presence in medications is not acceptable. Therefore, the FDA sets acceptable safety limits on the presence of these impurities in drugs.

Which blood pressure medications are affected?

ARBs have been in use since the 1990s and are still widely used today...

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Why do parents worry about vaccines?

We are in the midst of a measles epidemic. As of July 25th, more than 1,100 cases have been reported in 30 states since the beginning of the year. That’s the highest number since 1992 — and since measles was declared eliminated in 2000. Given that measles is extremely contagious — the virus can linger in rooms even after a sick person has left — and can lead to serious complications, this is really alarming.

There is a simple way to help: get more people immunized.

How many children receive vaccines?

Most children in the US are immunized. Only a little more than 1% of children have no immunizations...

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Should you see a chiropractor for low back pain?

If you’ve ever seen a doctor for back pain, you’re not alone. An estimated 85% of people experience back pain severe enough to see a doctor for at some point in their life. Yet despite how common it is, the precise cause of pain is often unclear. And a single, best treatment for most low back pain is unknown. For these reasons, doctors’ recommendations tend to vary. “Standard care” includes a balance of rest, stretching and exercise, heat, pain relievers, and time. Some doctors also suggest trying chiropractic care. The good news is that no matter what treatment is recommended, most people with a recent onset of back pain are better within a few weeks — often within a few days.

What’s the role of chiropractic care?

Some doctors refer back pain sufferers to a physical thera...

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Top Foods to Avoid: Aspartame

Aspartame (the full name is aspartylphenylalanine) is a synthetic sweeter that is marketed as a low calorie product and is often used ostensibly in conjunction with diabetes management and weight loss. The controversial sugar substitute is sold as NutraSweet, Equal and Aminosweet and is an ingredient in thousands of food and beverage products worldwide.

Aspartame contains only 4 calories per gram and is 180 to 200 times sweeter than sucrose (common table sugar). The artificial sweetener is highly touted by big food as ‘safe for human consumption’ and is commonly found in foods and drinks like diet sodas, chewing gum, sugar-free ice cream, reduced-calorie fruit juice (like Tropicana), yogurt, and sugarless candy.

The sweetener was discovered by chance when two substances were mixe...

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Dermal fillers: The good, the bad and the dangerous

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The four major structural components of our face are skin,  fat, muscle, and bone. As we age, volume loss in these structures contributes to many of the visible signs of aging. Dermal fillers may help.

Over time, age-related bone loss in the face can lead to retraction of the jawline, descent of the nose, and loss of high cheekbones. The facial muscles also decrease in volume and elasticity, and deflation and movement of facial fat further accentuates the signs of aging. Finally, the skin stretches and loses elasticity — compounded by the loss of scaffolding provided by fat, muscle, and bone, this leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, and other familiar signs of aging.

Dermal fillers, an injectable treatment performed in a doctor’s office, can help smooth lines and replenish lost volume, ...

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