5 ways we can help our children succeed

In the wake of the recent college admissions scandal, in which rich parents paid thousands or even millions of dollars to bribe coaches or have someone else take standardized tests for their children so that they could get into elite colleges, there has been a lot of discussion about admission to elite colleges — and about what it takes to succeed.

All parents want their children to succeed in life. Going to an elite college can help, mostly in terms of networking and resume-building, but is that the ticket to success? Probably not.

True success and happiness in life comes from being able to create, persevere, roll with life’s punches, and work with others. The good news is that parents and caregivers can teach children these skills from infancy onward — for free...

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Heat or Ice? Which remedy to use

By everybodysfit

Keywords: blood flow, chronic, heat, ice, Inflammation, injury, joints, muscles, pain, recovery

Heat and ice are natural at home remedies for many aches and
pains. However, depending on your particular problem, there is a preferential
treatment for alleviation. In general, heat increases blood flow which helps
tight muscles to relax and helps stiff joints to loosen up. Ice works by
constricting blood flow which numbs pain, reduces inflammation, and helps
prevent bruising.


In general heat is used for chronic long-term injuries. The
increased temperature makes the area feel better. In doing so, flexibility is
increased. Again, bouts of 20 minutes should be performed whenever pain is
felt. For arthritis, heat will help loosen up stiff joints. Heat can help
reduce ...

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Cigars vs Cigarettes: The lesser of two cancer causing evils


While both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco, there are some differences between these two forms of smoking. The obvious, visible difference is that a cigar is wrapped in leaf tobacco, while a cigarette is wrapped in paper that does not contain tobacco. In general, cigars are bigger, more expensive, last longer and thicker, and have more tobacco.

Regardless, both types can cause cancer.

One cigar can contain as much tobacco as one , pack of cigarettes which is close to 200 mg of nicotine. Cigarettes contain about 10 mg of nicotine. Therefore, cigars are typically saved for special occasions and events. Cigar smoking is often considered more sophisticated. They’re more popular in the U.S. then other places in the world, and more popular among men than women.

Cigars have a masculine...

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Myths of a healthy diet.

When I talk about eating healthy, it  is very confusing for me, because with my 52 years old, I still don’t understand that myth, of what is healthy.

I will explain, I am from a Hispanic country, Where from my childhood, we had different types of meals, which they called junk food,

These types of food, we used to eat on Saturdays or Sundays, when our parents gave us permission to go to the (la sodas) this is the name of  a small restaurants, now what is considered a healthiest food.

Here were people, who ate these kinds of junk foods all the time...

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Health & Beauty

When I have to talk about health and beauty, I think of the advice I’ve always heard. To be Healthy and be beauty, I have to go to the Gym, eat well, drink lots of water, take my fiber and my protein every day.

And actually all this is very important, for our body, doing  all this on  daily bases  will not guarantee you to have good health, but will get you on your way.

But remember  we can’t just think  only about the outside beautiful but the inside. We also have to try our best to be healthy and beautiful on the inside.  If you want  to feel  like 40 when you are  50 start doing everything for your body, and your soul today.

Doing some yoga, meditation, and some of the techniques that will help you...

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